Toronto in the Fall: making the most of October

Pumpkin Picking in the Fall at Downey's

I know that the travel bans are still in place, and a lot of us are itching to get out of the city. I’m personally desperate to get on a plane. But we’re still in a pandemic, so here’s how to enjoy Toronto in the Fall!

Sorry travel bugs, but you have to stay in the city this year. Or at least in the province. Those of you reading abroad, take note for next year. Here’s hoping we’re allowed to travel again in 2021.

Fall is my favourite season, but October is definitely the best month in all of it. I mean there are two holidays! That’s already enough to make October the best. Take that and pair it with the changing leaves, crisp weather, fall fashion, and pumpkin spice everything, and you have some autumn magic.

There are always so many things to do in the city no matter what the season, but here are the ones you most definitely should do this month.

1. Visit cute coffee shops around Toronto in the Fall

Coffee Shop Patios in the Fall
Aroma Patio

Yes, the patios are still open in October! And they are even better in the fall in my opinion. There’s something about sitting outside with a pumpkin spice latte where it’s just warm enough because of the sun, but the crisp cool air still reminds you that it’s fall.

Here are a few of my favourite coffee shops with patios in Toronto:

Get a couple of your friends together, not too many because we’re still in a pandemic. Put on your masks and grab a latte at your favourite coffee shop on the patio.

It’s a great way to support local businesses and hangout within COVID guidelines. Don’t forget to dress cozy and take all your cute coffee pics. Tag me in them on instagram because I definitely want to see them too.

2. Have a typical Toronto brunch in the Fall

Brunch on the Patio at El Catrin
Brunch on the Patio at El Catrin

Obviously brunch is not a seasonal thing in Toronto. We Torontonians are obsessed with brunch all year round. But it is the last time to have brunch on a patio comfortably.

There are so many options in Toronto with outdoor heating too, so you don’t have to worry about the cold. But it’s still nice to dress in cute and cozy fall fashion while you’re out brunching with your friends.

Here are a few brunch spot suggestions:

Grab your masks and your two favourite people and plan a Saturday brunch. Make the most of this perfect crisp cool weather while we still have it.

3. Go see the Fall leaves changing in and around the city

Dundas Peak View
Dundas Peak View

The best part about fall in Toronto is that we get to see the leaves changing all over our city. There are so many parks (big and small) that you probably walk through or pass on the daily that you don’t notice until this season.

It’s great that we don’t have to go very far to experience the wonder of the seasons changing. Even in the heart of downtown, there are still places like the University of Toronto and Trinity Bellwoods that you can go to.

Here are just a few places in and around the city for you to go see the leaves change colour:

  • University of Toronto St. George Campus
  • High Park
  • Humber River Trails
  • Don Valley 
  • Earl Bales
  • Dundas Peak (Hamilton, but still not too far)

4. Pumpkin Picking around Toronto in the Fall

Pumpkin Picking in the Fall at Downey's
Pumpkin Picking in the Fall at Downey’s

Going pumpkin picking is hands down my favourite fall thing to do. I’ve already gone this year and will probably go again this month. 

There are so many pumpkin farms around the GTA, and it’s a great way to support Ontario farmers. You can get more than just a pumpkin. Farmers are usually selling their other crops and products too.

It’s also a great fall trip to take with the family, and most farms host harvest festivals with other activities to do. With COVID, you’ll probably need to reserve in advance, but it’s still worth it.

Here are the two pumpkin farms I’ve been to:

  • Downey’s Farm (Caledon) – great for getting those instagram shots
  • Pingles Farm (Hampton) – a lot less crowded and more festive activities

5. Fall Apple Picking Season

Apple Picking at Downey's Apple Farm
Apple Picking at Downey’s Apple Farm

Apple picking season has also started, and is still going strong. Last year, I went late in October and we still got plenty of apples to bake with.

Apple picking is a great way to get out of the city and enjoy the season. Seeing the leaves change on our drive out of the city this year was worth it even without the apples.

If you’re looking for a cute date idea or just something fun to do with your friends and family on the weekend, I definitely suggest you go to Downey’s or Pingles farm. You can grab a pumpkin while you’re there too.

6. Biking on the Trails in Toronto

Humber River Bike Trails
Humber River Bike Trails

I don’t bike very often, but when I do it’s usually in the fall. There are so many bike trails and parks in and around this city.

Biking in crisp cool air with the leaves changing is definitely a Toronto fall fave of mine. And it’s a great way to make the most of the season before the snow comes. A few of my favourites are the humber river trails and biking through little Italy to the UofT St. George campus.

7. Taking a Cottage Trip outside of the city in the Fall

Cottage Trip in Waubaushene on Lake Huron
Cottage Trip in Waubaushene on Lake Huron

Last year my friends and I did this the first weekend of October, and it was perfect. The weather was still nice, but the leaves were starting to change. We went hiking and kayaking. And just enjoyed being cozy in the fall.

If you have your own cottage or feel comfortable enough to airbnb a cottage, I totally suggest planning a weekend away in October. You don’t even have to go very far out of the city.

We went to Waubaushene, which is about an hour north of Toronto on Lake Huron.

Happy October Planning!

Pumpkin Picking in the Fall at Downey's
Pumpkin Picking in the Fall at Downey’s

I hope you found this article helpful and are now on your WhatsApp group chats planning away your Octobers!

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